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Jagged Alliance 3: What is Squad Supplies and How it Works



Jagged Alliance 3 - Squad Supplies

Jagged Alliance 3 is not simply a Tactical Role-Playing game because there are several things and mechanics that players will have to consider before even progressing in the game. While exploring various sectors and invading them from the enemies, players will get to find a lot of useful items that they can pick up to store in their inventory. However, there are a couple of inventories in Jagged Alliance 3 that players should consider understanding before storing items.

In this guide, we’ll tell you what is Squad Supplies and how it works in Jagged Alliance 3.

Squad Supplies in Jagged Alliance 3

The Squad Supplies work as an inventory holding ammo, Parts, and Meds for all of the squad currently in the party. It does not work individually for each Merc instead, all the available ammo and Meds you find in the Squad Supplies by going into the inventory are available for all of the Mercs. Apart from the Meds, Ammo, and Parts, Squad Supplies does not store anything else. You will start with a small Squad Supplies at the start because you will only be able to take 3 – 4 Mercs at the start. However, as you increase the number of Mercs in your squad, the capacity for Squad Supplies will increase accordingly.

It is one of the most useful mechanics in the game as it lowers the pressure of managing ammo and meds for a specific Merc but on the other side, it can also be irritating for some veteran/hardcore players. Since Jagged Alliance 3 is a Tactical Role-Playing Strategy game, a lot of players like to manage medicines and ammo for each of the characters in their party individually to face some challenges. The fact that Squad Supplies removes the worries about Ammo and Meds for every Merc in the party is convenient for new players but not a good sign for old players.

Currently, there is no way to manage the ammo and meds individually for the players in the game as Squad Supplies is the center of managing these items for all of the Mercs.

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