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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Find Diamond Necklace



Jagged Alliance 3: Diamond Necklace

Jagged Alliance 3 offers a lot of unique quests other than the main quests. As players liberate areas in Grand Chien and meet with interesting characters, they will unlock side quests that can greatly benefit players. One of the quests that players can earn benefits from is the Necklace in the Chairs in which players will have to find the Diamond Necklace in Luxury Chairs.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find Diamond Necklace in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Find Diamond Necklace in Jagged Alliance 3

To start the quest, go to Fleatown Market in Sector H9. Locate Lalee Leewaylender and engage in conversation. Choose the “information” option and inquire about achieving wealth. During your conversation with Lalee Leewaylender, he will reveal details about the Diamond Necklace hidden within one of the 12 Luxury Chairs. These chairs can be found scattered across various locations.

It’s worth noting that the necklace’s whereabouts are determined at random. Therefore, it could be situated in any of the chairs. If luck is on your side, you might find it on your first Luxury Chair location. If not, you’ll need to invest more time into your search.

Once you have found the Diamond Necklace, you will have the option to cash it in for $9,000. If you give the Diamond Necklace to Lalee Leewaylender, he will only offer you $3,000 but you can increase the price up to $15,000 with Scoundrel or Negotiator Perk Mercs.

Locations of Luxury Chairs

All the locations of the 12 Luxury Chairs are given down below.

  • Diamond Red (Sector A2)
  • Drachenberg Mine (Sector B12)
  • Fosse Noire Mine (Sector C7)
  • Pantagruel Slums (Sector D7)
  • Pantagruel Downtown (Sector D8)
  • Camp Grand Prix (Sector D10)
  • Camp Savane (Sector F7)
  • Camp la Barriere (Sector G10)
  • Fleatown flea market (Sector H9)
  • Sanatorium (Sector H12)
  • Flag Hill (Sector I1)
  • Rimville (Sector I9)

The Luxury Chairs are easy to spot but you will have to be careful in the close proximity of the chair as they can be damaged and destroyed during combat. Clear out the enemies as soon as you can to loot the chair if there is any Diamond Necklace on it.

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