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Endless Dungeon: How to Repair Turrets



Endless Dungeon - Repair Turrets

Weapons and Turrets play a crucial role in stopping various enemy types and waves of enemies through various depths of the Space Station in Endless Dungeon. However, not all enemies are easily defeated with every weapon for which you need to set up various turrets to tackle the waves of the enemies to stop them from ruining your run. One of the advantages that turrets provide is the indestructible physicality. They can only be stopped but not destroyed which gives you a great advantage by repairing them to function again.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to repair turrets in Endless Dungeon.

How to Repair Turrets in Endless Dungeon

Each turret you place on the pedestal in a room to stop the enemies from destroying the Crystal Bot or all the heroes has a health bar that gets low every time an enemy attacks the turret. Once the health bar of a turret is depleted completely, the turret will get disabled but not destroyed. To make the turrets function again, you can repair them by the following steps.

  • Move close to the damaged/disabled turret.
  • Use the Melee ‘Shove’ ability by pressing the Circle/B button to repair the turret.
  • A fully disabled turret will take 2 repair hits to get to full health.

Repairing the turrets doesn’t cost any kind of additional resources. Your placed turrets will be available to you throughout the run in the district and you can also replace them with a new kind of turret if you want. You can unlock the new turret for the run by interacting with the Research Terminal but it will cost Science Resource. Replacing the turret will cost the Industry Resources and if you have just unlocked the Fire Turret, then replacing it with a neutral turret can help you tackle the enemies greatly.

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