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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find the Robot Fish



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Robot Fish

The Robot Fish is one of the quest items in Disney Dreamlight Valley required for the completion of ‘The Flying Metal Nuisance’ quest for Jafar. Players will unlock this quest after completing The Secrets of Eternity Isle in which players have to convince EVE to hand over the Royal Hourglass tool. EVE will not easily give the Royal Hourglass which is why players will have to prepare the ‘Best Fish Forever’ recipe for her. The Best Fish Forever recipe requires various ingredients found within the Ancient’s Landing biome and the most crucial ingredient is Robot Fish.

In this guide, we’ll go over where to find the Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find the Robot Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Robot Fish is one of its kind and it can be obtained by fishing in the Golden Fishing Spot found around the Docks area of Eternity Isle. The Docks is the very first area of Eternity Isle that players will visit once they reach the Eternity Isle. Once players have progressed enough in The Flying Metal Nuisance quest, the Golden Fishing Spot will spawn randomly in the water. Go around the Docks area and keep your eyes peeled to look for any Golden Fishing Spot.

Upon finding the Golden Fishing Spot, equip the Fishing Rod and cast the line within the spot. Now, complete the fishing mini-game to catch the Robot Fish. There is no certain time for the Robot Fish as it is a quest related item so, you will be able to catch it at any time but only around The Docks.

After catching the Robot Fish, gather the other 3 ingredients required for the recipe and cook it at any cooking station to complete the objective.

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