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Palia: The Path Less Traveled – Quest Walkthrough



Palia - The Path Less Traveled quest

The Path Less Traveled is one of the main quests for Kenyatta in Palia that players will get to complete as they level up their friendship level with her. The quest was added in the recent patches and will allow players to know more about Kenyatta.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Path Less Traveled quest in Palia.

The Path Less Traveled – Walkthrough

A Sernuk got hurt while Kenyatta was out doing mining and she will ask you to find her Medical Kit. The medical Kit will be located somewhere near the Western Docks in Kilima Valley. Open the map and move it to the west side to view a Yellow Circle. Make your way to the yellow circle and go to the big tree at the end of the coastline to find Kenyatta’s Medical Kit. The exact location of the Medical Kit is shown in the image below.

After getting the Medical Kit, you need to go back to Kenyatta. Open the map to locate her and then go back to her to let her know that you have found the Medical Kit. Once you have informed her about the Medical Kit, you need to wait for her to come to your Plot Area.

Go to your house and wait for Kenyatta to show up outside your plot area. Talk to Kenyatta and go through the dialogues to complete the quest.


Completing the Path Less Traveled will give the following rewards.

  • Kenyatta’s Key
  • 3x Green Pearl
  • 25 Renown

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