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Palia: Music To My Ears – Quest Walkthrough



Palia - Music to My Ears quest

Music to My Ears is a Friendship Quest for Badruu in Palia that players can complete to improve their relationship with Badruu. This quest unlocks after reaching Friendship Level 3 with Badruu and requires players to help Badruu perform well for his family.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Music to My Ears quest in Palia.

Music to My Ears – Walkthrough

You need to help Auni make a Confidence Charm for Badruu so that he can perform well for his family. To make the Confidence Charm, you need to gather the following materials.

Firebreathing Dragonfly can be found in the Mirror Fields area during the daytime. Look for the yellow dragonfly in the area and use the Standard Smoke Bombs to catch it. Catching the Firebreathing Dragonfly will also drop a random number of Silk Thread. To get the Flow-Infused Wood, you need to look for enchanted trees and cut them down.

Once you have obtained all the required materials for the quest, find and talk to Auni. Open the map to locate Auni and talk to him. Go through the dialogues and Auni will make you the Confidence Charm.

Now, open the map to locate Badruu and deliver the Confidence Charm to him. He can be found mostly on his farm in the Leafhopper Hills area. Go and deliver the Confidence Charm to complete the Music to My Ears quest in Palia.


Completing the Music to My Ears quest will give you the following rewards.

  • 25 Renown
  • 5x Blueberry Bush Seeds

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