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Palia: How to Get Apple Tree Seeds



Palia - Apple Tree Seeds

Apple is one of the exquisite food items in Palia that is used in various cooking recipes and it has a decent selling price. However, Apple is hard to come by as it can only be obtained from the Apple Trees. The Palian world doesn’t have any Apple Trees and it will be on your hand to grow some Apple Trees to harvest Apples.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Apple Tree Seeds in Palia.

How to Get Apple Tree Seeds in Palia

There are multiple ways from which you can get Tree Seeds in Palia.

  • In the Mail as a Gift.
  • Buy from the Gardening Guild Store.
  • Process Apples in Seed Maker.

The very first method is the easiest of the rest of the methods but it is not guaranteed that you will get Apple Tree Seed in particular. To get the gifts in the mail from the villagers, you need to build a good relationship with them and complete quests for them. As you increase your Friendship Levels with the villagers, it has a chance that they will send you an Apple Tree Seed for free.

The authentic and probably the one method that players will have to do at some point is buying the Apple Tree Seed from the Gardening Guild Store. Badruu sells the Apple Tree Seeds in his store for 280 Gardening Medals each. Gardening Medals is one of the Skill Medals in the game that you will earn for reaching Level 10 in Gardening Guild and completing the weekly challenges. Browse Badruu’s Gardening Store to purchase the Apple Tree Seeds.

Now, once you have bought the Apple Tree Seeds, plant them on the Soil like the rest of the Crops and wait for 6 hours in total for the Apple Tree to grow. You will be able to harvest the apples from the tree from time to time. Once you have obtained 10 apples in total, you will be able to accomplish the third method to get Apple Tree Seeds via Seed Maker.

Simply access the Seed Maker place 10x Apple in the Hopper and wait for it to finish the processing to get Apple Tree Seeds. However, it does take 2 hours and 22 minutes to complete the processing which is a lot of time but you can repeat the process of harvesting the apples from the grown tree and then place them in the hopper to get Apple Tree Seeds for free.

By doing this, you will be able to grow several Apple Trees in your plot area and you will never have to worry about getting apples again.

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