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Palia: How to Get Tree Seeds



Palia - Tree Seeds

Palia allows players to grow crops and trees via the Gardening Guild and being able to grow crops and trees will allow players to level up in the guild which opens new exciting rewards. However, growing crops is easier than growing trees because the first major task that players will have to do is to get Tree Seeds. Tree Seeds are uncommon or rare and cannot be obtained easily.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Tree Seeds in Palia.

How to Get Tree Seeds in Palia

There are various kinds of tree seeds that you can get in Palia but one of the main and worthy tree seeds is the Apple Tree Seed. The normal tree seeds don’t give any benefits except for aesthetics for your plot area and the only way to get them is to cut down the mid and large trees found in Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. You need to have a Standard Axe to cut down the mid-trees and a Fine Axe to cut down the large trees.

The drop rate of tree seeds is lower and you will get only 1 seed after cutting down several trees. The best place to get tree seeds is in Bahari Bay. Look for healthy trees with green leaves and use your Fine Axe to cut them down.

Another way to get Tree Seeds is through the mail. It is not guaranteed but if you keep a good relationship with the villagers and you complete their quests and level up in their main Guild, you will receive items in your mail from time to time and it does have a chance to get you a random tree seed.

Once you have a seed in your inventory, you can plant it on the Soil like the rest of the crops to grow it. Tree Seeds can also be used as a gift that you can give to your fellow villagers to increase your friendship level with them. Before planting the tree seeds to grow them, make sure that not any villager needs that exact tree seed and that you have completed the Prove Your Devotion quest for Hassian.

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