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Palia: How to Make Grilled Oysters



Palia - Grilled Oysters

There are various activities to take part in Palia and one of the main activities that players will be spending a lot of time in is Cooking. Players can make various cooking recipes and as they progress through the game, they will be required to cook certain recipes to complete quests. One of the earlier recipes in the game is Grilled Oysters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Grilled Oysters in Palia.

How to Make Grilled Oysters in Palia

Grilled Oysters is a basic food recipe in Palia that only requires 3 Oysters to make. However, before players get to make it, they need to unlock its recipe. To do so, players will have to complete the Cooking 101 quest for Reth. Once players have completed the starting quest for Reth, he will give you three additional cooking recipes and one of them will be Grilled Oysters.

After getting the recipe, it is best to get your hands on Oysters. Oysters can be picked up from the coast areas of Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay. Walk around the beaches to pick up the Oysters. Once you have picked up a handful number of Oysters, go back to your plot area to cook the Grilled Oyster recipe on Campfire.

Interact with the Campfire and select the Grilled Oyster recipe from the recipes list on the left side and then select the Make option to cook the Grilled Oyster recipe. It will take 15 seconds for the recipe to cook and players can watch the cooking animation of the recipe as well. Once the recipe has been cooked, press the F button to retrieve it from the Campfire.

Use of Grilled Oyster Recipe

Eating the Grilled Oyster recipe will gain 55 Focus which will help you gain bonus experience while partaking in activities. You can also sell the Grilled Oyster recipe for 27 Gold each at the Shipping Bin or the General Store.

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