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Palia: How to Get Flow-Infused Wood



Palia: How to Get Flow-Infused Wood

Palia features several Epic drops that encompass various items, including fish, ingredients, resources, and much more. These epic drops, however, are singular in nature and can be got by only one person. Conversely, normal drops can be collected by multiple players. Among these epic drops is the Flow-Infused Wood, a crucial component in crafting recipes for exquisite tools and items. If you’re interested in learning how to acquire Flow-Infused Wood, you’re in the right place. We will guide you on how to get Flow-Infused Wood in Palia.

How to Get Flow-Infused Wood in Palia

Flow-Infused Wood is acquired as a drop from enchanted trees. These purple, glowing trees can be randomly found across all zones of the Palia World Map. The spawn rate of enchanted trees is quite low and they may appear at different times of day. Some enchanted trees manifest during the daytime, while others appear at night. What sets enchanted trees apart from normal ones is their healing mechanic. As you begin cutting down an enchanted tree, it initiates a healing process, making it considerably tougher to fall.

The blue bar representing the tree’s health replenishes itself as you continue cutting, and having a friend alongside you can be beneficial in overcoming the healing effect to get the Flow-Infused Wood. Enchanted trees come in various forms; you might encounter both small and large versions. Smaller enchanted trees can be tackled solo using the Standard Axe, owing to its substantial damage potential. However, for the larger ones, you will need at least a Fine Axe to tackle them on your own or with the assistance of a friend.

Each Enchanted Tree drops approximately 3 to 5 pieces of Flow-Infused Wood, with the quantity depending on the tree’s size. This resource will primarily be required for crafting end-game tools and items.

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