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Palia: How to Craft Standard Smoke Bombs



Palia: How to Craft Standard Smoke Bombs

The Standard Smoke Bomb represents the initial type of Smoke Bomb accessible to players upon their introduction to the Bug Catching Guild by Auni. Smoke Bombs are a crucial tool for bug-catching endeavors, serving as essential as arrows for hunting. Players aiming to catch bugs must ensure an ample supply of Smoke Bombs before embarking on their bug-catching excursions. If you’re interested in learning how to craft Standard Smoke Bombs, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with step-by-step instructions on creating Standard Smoke Bombs in Palia.

How to Craft Standard Smoke Bombs in Palia

Crafting a Standard Smoke Bomb entails obtaining its recipe, which fortunately becomes available upon receiving the Belt Tool from Auni during your initial encounter. You can fashion Standard Smoke Bombs using your Worktable; however, prior to proceeding, it’s essential to unlock this crafting station by completing the game’s early quests. Once you’ve successfully unlocked the Worktable, you can begin crafting Standard Smoke Bombs in batches of 20, similar to the crafting process for Makeshift Arrows. The necessary materials for crafting a Standard Smoke Bomb are as follows:

  • 1x Clay
  • 1x Sundrop Lily

Clay is acquired through mining the brown rocks located along the coastal areas of the map. Each rock deposit can yield between 5 to 10 units of Clay. Sundrop Lily flowers flourish in open fields and can be gathered throughout Palia’s expansive world map.

Palia: How to Craft Standard Smoke Bombs

Upon procuring the requisite materials, navigate to your Worktable and select the recipe for crafting Standard Smoke Bombs. With each crafting session, you can produce up to 20 Smoke Bombs. To increase your inventory, simply repeat the crafting process as needed.

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