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Palia: How to Get Iron Bars



Palia: How to Get Iron Bars

The expansive World Map of Palia is teeming with a diverse array of resources that players must acquire in order to craft more exquisite items, whether they be for tools, housing, furniture, or other purposes. Certain materials can be refined, resulting in advanced crafting components that are integral for creating intricate recipes. Among these refined materials is the highly sought-after Iron Bar. If you’re curious about the process of getting Iron Bars, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with detailed instructions on how to get Iron Bars in Palia.

How to Get Iron Bars in Palia

An Iron Bar is a refined material obtainable in Palia by smelting Iron Ore in a Smelter. Palia offers various types of Smelters that players can unlock. One of the initial options available is the Basic Smelter, which becomes accessible once you attain Level 2 in Mining Activity. Achieving this milestone will allow you to purchase the Basic Smelter recipe from Hodari for the cost of 100 Gold. However, you’ll also need to get the Iron Bar recipe, which becomes available upon reaching Level 4 in the Mining Guild. Upon reaching this level, you can acquire the Iron Bar recipe from the Guild for a sum of 100 Gold.

Palia: How to Get Iron Bars

Both of these items are prerequisites for producing Iron Bars, so acquiring them is paramount. Once you have secured the necessary recipes and assembled the Basic Smelter on your Plot, your next step involves procuring 5 units of Iron Ore to convert them into a single Iron Bar. Iron Ore can be harvested from Rock Deposits that are rich in Black Ores, typically located in the mountainous region of Bahari Bay.

Upon collecting the Iron Ores, players must interact with the Smelter and select the Iron Bar recipe, which will initiate the smelting process. The production of a single Iron Bar will take approximately 6 minutes. Once the process is complete, players can retrieve the Iron Bar by interacting with the Smelter and choosing the Iron Bar from the Completed Jobs Blocks.

Iron Bars play a vital role in crafting advanced tools and items within Palia. It is advisable to amass a sufficient stockpile of these bars, ensuring they are readily available for use whenever needed.

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