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Palia: How to Get Iron Ore



How to Gather Iron Ore in Palia

There are several materials to gather in Palia that will allow you to craft more exquisite items in the game. Materials like ores are crucial for unlocking new tools, items, and much more in Palia. One of the ores that you can acquire later in the game is Iron Ore. Iron Ore can be crafted into Iron Bars, which are used for advanced crafting recipes in the game.

If you want to learn how to obtain Iron Ore, you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you on how to gather Iron Ore in Palia.

How to Gather Iron Ore in Palia

Iron Ore is rarer than Copper Ore and can be mined in Bahari Bay. Bahari Bay is the second zone of the world map that you will unlock as you progress through the main story. To mine Iron Ore, you must have the Standard Pickaxe, as the Makeshift Pickaxe is inadequate for mining iron ores.

Once you have the Standard Pickaxe, travel to the eastern side of the first map zone to reach Bahari Bay. Upon reaching Bahari Bay, continue heading east and search for rocks with black veins of ore on them, located alongside the mountains. You can find several of these ore-bearing rocks on higher ground near the Hideaway Bluffs area. When you locate the rocks with Iron Ore, equip the Standard Pickaxe by holding the R Button, and then hold the Left-Click to mine the rocks and obtain Iron Ore.

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