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Palia: How to Get the Standard Pickaxe



Palia: How to Get the Standard Pickaxe

In Palia, players can get 7 different tools as they settle into the world of Palia. Each tool in Palia has an enhanced version that players can choose to acquire. Getting each enhanced version requires its respective crafting recipe, for which players will need Gold and the necessary materials. One of these enhanced versions is the Standard Pickaxe, which enables players to mine Iron Ores.

If you’re interested in learning how to acquire the Standard Pickaxe, you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you on how to obtain the Standard Pickaxe in Palia.

How to Get the Standard Pickaxe in Palia

To get the Standard Pickaxe, you need to reach Level 3 in Mining Activity, which will unlock the Standard Pickaxe recipe from Hodari. Hodari is the leader of the Mining Guild, and you can purchase the Standard Pickaxe recipe from him for 250 Gold. Once you have enough Gold, visit Hodari and press the G Button to access his store. Find and purchase the Standard Pickaxe recipe. After obtaining the recipe, you will need to gather the required materials in order to craft it at the Worktable.

How to Get the Standard Pickaxe in Palia

Crafting the Standard Pickaxe

To craft the Standard Pickaxe, you will need the following materials:

  • 1x Makeshift Pickaxe
  • 20 Sapwood Planks
  • 5x Copper Bars

The Makeshift Pickaxe is the first axe you receive from Hodari at the beginning of the game and serves as a material for crafting the enhanced version. The Sapwood Planks can be crafted at the Basic Sawmill, and the Copper Bars can be crafted at the Basic Smelter. Make sure to unlock these crafting stations to create the necessary materials. Alternatively, you can purchase both of these required materials from the Blacksmith in Kimila Village, but this will require more Gold.

Palia: How to Get the Standard Pickaxe

Once you have all the required materials, go to the Worktable and navigate to the Tools tab. Select the Standard Pickaxe recipe and craft it. After crafting the Standard Pickaxe, it will automatically replace your old axe.

Unlike the Makeshift Pickaxe, the Standard Pickaxe features a durability meter. Mining rocks or ores will gradually reduce its durability. To restore the durability to its full potential, you will need to repair it using a Repair Kit or Gold at the Anvil in the Blacksmith Shop in Kimila Village.

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