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Palia: How to Craft Makeshift Arrows



Palia: How to Craft Makeshift Arrows

To engage in hunting activities within Palia, maintaining a substantial stock of arrows in your inventory is of paramount importance. Hunting provides players with valuable materials like Chapaa Fur, Sernuk Hide, Meat, and more, all of which find applications in various crafting recipes.

If you’re seeking to acquire more Makeshift Arrows, you’ve come to the right place. We will guide you through the process of crafting Makeshift Arrows in Palia.

How to Craft Makeshift Arrows in Palia

Upon getting the Makeshift Bow from Hassian, you’ll unlock the recipe for crafting Makeshift Arrows. Makeshift Arrows stand as the most commonly used arrows in the game, available for crafting right from the outset. Once you possess the recipe, progression in the main questline will grant you access to the Worktable, a central location for crafting various items, including Makeshift Arrows.

With the recipe in hand and access to the Worktable, you can craft Makeshift Arrows using the following materials:

  • 5x Sapwood
  • 1x Flint

Sapwood is obtained by felling trees, while Flint is acquired through rock mining. Both these materials are readily available in the early stages of the game. Once you’ve collected the required materials, head to the Worktable, locate the Makeshift Arrows recipe, and initiate the crafting process.

How to Craft Makeshift Arrows in Palia

Crafting Makeshift Arrows will yield 20x Makeshift Arrows in your inventory. You have the option to create more arrows by repeating the crafting process, though each iteration produces a maximum of 20 arrows at a time.

Additionally, you can broaden your repertoire of arrow types by exploring the offerings at Hassian’s Hunting Store. However, these advanced arrow recipes necessitate a specific level within the Hunting Guild as well as Gold for acquisition.

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