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Palia: Guide to Cooking on the Stove



Palia: Guide to Cooking on the Stove

In Palia, a diverse range of crafters cater to various needs. Specific crafters are tailored to produce distinct crafting recipes, and the Cooking Guild follows the same principle. Players commence with a Campfire to prepare Grilled Food recipes—a straightforward process. However, as players progress in the Cooking Activity and unlock the Standard Stove, cooking methods evolve. The upgraded cooking process involves a series of mini-games that players must navigate to achieve culinary perfection; otherwise, the outcome may be Ruined Food.

If you seek to master the art of cooking on a Stove, you’re in the right place. We’ll guide you through the essential steps to bear in mind while cooking on a Stove in Palia.

Items Required for Cooking on the Stove in Palia

Before embarking on Stove-based recipe preparations, you’ll need exclusive recipes tailored for Stove cooking. To acquire these recipes, peruse the store of Reth. Approach Reth, press the F Button to access his store, and explore a range of Cooking Recipes suitable for the Stove. These recipes are priced from 100 Gold onwards. Many Stove recipes also necessitate a Prep Station, which, unlike Cooking Recipes, is provided for free. After procuring a Cooking Recipe and situating the Prep Station in proximity to the Standard Stove, you’re ready to initiate Stove-based Cooking.

How to Perform Cooking on a Stove

Adhere to the following steps to successfully cook a recipe on a Stove:

  1. Stand beside the Standard Stove and press the F Button to commence the cooking process.
  2. The Stove Menu will open, displaying owned Stove recipes on the left-hand side.
  3. Choose the desired Recipe from the left-hand list. If you possess all the requisite ingredients, select the Make option.
  4. A timer corresponding to the recipe will begin. Each recipe has a unique cooking duration, and you must complete all tasks within this timeframe.
  5. Once the timer is active, proceed to the Prep Station and press the F Button to initiate Prepping.
  6. This action opens the Prep Station menu, outlining the ingredient that requires preparation for the recipe.
  7. Select the Make option to commence the Chop Chop mini-game. Here, you’ll need to precisely chop the ingredient a specified number of times. Observe as blue markers move toward a central white marker; press Left-Click when the blue markers align with the white marker to chop. Incorrect timing triggers a mini-game reset. The number of required chops is indicated at the bottom of the cutting board.
  8. The timer continues throughout this process, so precise execution is crucial to prevent ingredient spoilage.
  9. Following the Chop-Chop mini-game, return to the Stove and press Left-Click to add the freshly chopped ingredient. This initiates the Stir mini-game, a simpler task requiring the continuous holding of Left-Click until stirring is complete.
  10. Upon successful completion of the Stir mini-game, the recipe will be cooked, regardless of the remaining timer duration.
How to Perform Cooking on a Stove

While the process may appear extensive, it is not time-consuming. As you master the Chop Chop mini-game, recipe preparation can be accomplished in under 20 seconds.

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