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Palia: How to Unlock the Prep Station



Palia: How to Unlock the Prep Station

The Prep Station serves as a crucial workstation primarily utilized during the cooking process of various recipes. In order to expand the repertoire of recipes available for preparation, players must acquire a Stove. Moreover, to effectively supply the requisite ingredients to the Stove, obtaining a Prep Station becomes equally essential. The absence of a Prep Station would render players unable to complete cooking recipes. If you’re interested in learning how to obtain the Prep Station, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will detail the steps to unlock the Prep Station in Palia.

How to Unlock the Prep Station in Palia

To unlock the Prep Station, you are required to cook 10 Grilled recipes using the Campfire. This will advance your Cooking Activity level, granting access to additional recipes from Reth, the esteemed leader of the Cooking Guild. Upon reaching Level 2 in the Cooking Activity, engage in a conversation with Reth. As a gesture of progression, Reth will generously provide you with the Prep Station recipe, free of charge, which you must subsequently craft at the Worktable.

How to Unlock the Prep Station in Palia

Crafting the Prep Station

Crafting the Prep Station necessitates several Refined Materials, each of which players must craft using different Crafters. The following materials are required to craft the Prep Station:

  • 16x Sapwood Plank
  • 2x Copper Bar
  • 8x Ceramic

To create a Sapwood Plank, you’ll require 1x Sapwood, taking 1 minute to craft each Sapwood Plank at the Sawmill. Crafting a Copper Bar necessitates 5x Copper Ores and takes 3 minutes to craft 1x Copper Bar at the Smelter. For crafting a Ceramic, you’ll need 2x Clay and 4 minutes per Ceramic at the Smelter.

Once you’ve successfully collected all the necessary materials, proceed to the Worktable and access the Crafters Tab to locate the Prep Station recipe. Select the recipe and opt for the “Make” option to craft the Prep Station. Following this, position the Prep Station in proximity to the Standard Stove.

Palia: How to Unlock the Prep Station

Strategically situating the Prep Station near the Standard Stove offers notable advantages, notably expediting ingredient preparation and subsequently reducing the time needed to add them to the Stove. This streamlined approach significantly enhances efficiency and saves valuable time during the cooking process.

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