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Atlas Fallen: A Way Out Quest – Walkthrough



Atlas Fallen: A Way Out Quest

In this guide, we’ll be covering the A Way Out quest in Atlas Fallen.

A Way Out – Quest Walkthrough

Once players have completed the Away from the Sun’s Eye quest, they will reach another cave from where they have to find a way out.

Explore the Cave

Go ahead into the cave to find an Anvil. Interact with the Anvil to unlock the Raise Skill. Now, jump on the platform nearby and use the Raise Skill by pressing Up on the D-Pad to raise the platform. Double Jump to get to the other side.

Find the Exit of the Cave

Use the Sand Slide to move quickly on the sand. There will be a couple of materials that you can grab in the area as well. After exploring the area, go through the hole ahead to reach another area. Go ahead to encounter a wraith. Defeat the wraith to get the first Essence Stone. Players will get the Lost Temper Essence Stone that increases the damage of the attacks.

Clear the area from the rest of the wraiths and go ahead. Stand on the platform and use the Raise skill to lift up the platform. Double jump to get to the other side and go over the bridge to find a chest. Looting the chest will grant players the Thick Skin Essence Stone that increases the defense. Go to the right side to find another platform. Jump on it and lift it up using the Raise Skin to find another chest on the platform.

Loot the chest to get the Hurling Hammer, the first Active Essence Stone. Equip the Hurling Hammer and take out the spawn enemies in the area. After clearing the area from the enemies, jump on the platform and lift it up using the Raise skill.

Go along the path ahead to reach the surface and complete the quest.

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