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Atlas Fallen: How to Buy and Sell Items



Atlas Fallen: buy and sell items

Atlas Fallen is an open-world action RPG set in the fallen world of barren lands and ruins covered in sand. As players traverse through the world, they will get to face wraith monsters and meet different NPCs in different regions of the world. Even in these tougher times, players will have to buy armor with a local currency named Tribute to increase survivability.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to buy and sell items in Atlas Fallen.

How to Buy and Sell Items in Atlas Fallen

There are various vendors spread across the world map that players will get to meet as they explore different regions of the world. These vendors can be found in small settlements, villages, and cities. Different vendors sell different items and players will be able to buy and sell items to them. Interact with the vendor to browse their store and press the X or A button to purchase the item with Tribute.

To sell the items, players can switch the tab to Sell and select the items that they want to sell by pressing the X or A button. Players will be able to sell different types of plants, materials, and artifacts to the vendors for a certain amount of Tribute. It is best to sell the Artifacts as they are not used in anything whereas, the plants and materials are required for certain formulas of Essence Stones.

By exploring the area and finding the artifacts, go to any vendor to sell the items to make money. As each vendor would sell a certain armor set, it is better to keep changing the armor set to the better one to increase the survivability and potential of the character.

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