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Atlas Fallen: How to Upgrade Armor



Atlas Fallen: upgrade armor

Atlas Fallen is an Open-World Action RPG that allows players to traverse the barren lands and ruins covered in sand. There are various monsters to take care of as players traverse these lands. As there are no physical weapons in Atlas Fallen and all of the combat revolves around the Gauntlet, the only thing that protects players from damage is their armor. Armor plays a crucial role in combat and players will have to upgrade it whenever they can.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to upgrade your armor in Atla Fallen.

How to Upgrade Armor in Atlas Fallen

To upgrade the Armor, players will have to find or raise an Anvil. Anvils are found throughout the world map and every village or a civilized area will have an anvil inside it or nearby it. To find the Anvil, players need to look for a blue mist and use the Raise Skill by standing next to the blue mist to lift up the Anvil. After that players need to interact with the Anvil to activate it which will bring out Nyaal. Interacting with the Anvil one more time will open the menu through which players can do various things.

Select the Armour Upgrades option in the menu to see the available armor upgrades. Each armor upgrade will require Essence Dust that is obtained either by defeating the enemies or completing the quests. The more enemies you defeat, the more Essence Dust you will have. An Armor can have up to 2 – 3 upgrades available at a time but players will have to buy the previous upgrades to be able to buy the next one. Each upgrade will cost a certain amount of Essence Dust.

After upgrading the Armor, there is a chance that players will get the Perk Tokens that can be used to unlock various Perks inside the Perks option.

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