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Atlas Fallen: How to Get Essence Core



Atlas Fallen: Essence Core

Essence Core is one of the rare materials in Atlas Fallen that is mainly used as a material for crafting the formula for fusing certain types of Essence Stones. Players will get several Essence Stones of different natures that will help them in combat but they will also find formulas for fusing certain Essence Stones. To get the essence stones from the formula, it is necessary to get the required materials, and the main material for all of the formulas is Essence Core.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Essence Core in Atlas Fallen.

How to Get Essence Core in Atlas Fallen

To get the Essence Core, players will have to fight and defeat the elite wraith monsters. Elite wraith monsters can be found in several areas around the map and not all Elite Monsters have a chance to drop the Essence Core. After defeating the Elite Monster, it might spawn a stone with white lines on it. Players need to press and hold the Circle or B Button to interact with it to get the Essence Core. It is similar to the stones that drop the Essence Stones but instead, players will get the Essence Core.

Elite monsters have more HP than the normal wraith monsters and players might encounter one of the elite monsters with other wraith monsters in an area. They have a low chance of spawning so, if it do get spawn during the fight, make sure to take out the normal wraith monsters first and then focus on the elite monster.

As players progress in the main storyline, they will also be able to purchase the Essence Core from one of the vendors for a decent amount of Tribute. It is recommended to only buy the Essence Core if you want to complete the formula to fuse a certain type of Essence Stone that you need for your build or playthrough. Otherwise, it is better to wait for Elite monsters to spawn and defeat them to get the Essence Core.

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