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Palia: How to Repair Tools



Palia: How to Repair Tools

Palia features a durability system for all tools except the Makeshift versions. The advanced tool variants have their durability, which decreases with use. Players must repair these tools to restore their durability. Neglecting repairs will cause the tools to break down, resulting in higher repair costs.

If you’re seeking guidance on how to repair tools, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with instructions on repairing tools in Palia.

How to Repair Tools in Palia

Tools can be repaired either at the Anvil inside the Blacksmith Shop in Kimila Village or at the Repair Station, using either a Repair Kit or Gold. The Blacksmith Shop is conveniently located near the General Store. You can cover the cost of repairing your damaged tools using either Gold or a Repair Kit. To initiate the repair process, interact with the Anvil inside the Blacksmith Shop. This will open a menu allowing you to repair your tools individually or all at once.

An alternative method for repairing tools is by unlocking the Repair Station. The Repair Station functions similarly to the Anvil in the Blacksmith Shop, but you can place it within your plot area at home. To acquire the Repair Station, you’ll need to attain Level 4 in the Mining Guild and purchase the Repair Station recipe from Hodari. This recipe costs 500 Gold. Once you have the Repair Station, you can conveniently repair your tools from the comfort of your own home.

repair tools in Palia

However, please note that unlocking the Repair Station requires some time. In the interim, you can visit the Blacksmith whenever necessary to have your tools repaired. Opting for the Repair Kit is recommended, as it offers a more affordable solution for repairs. If you lack a Repair Kit, you can use Gold to cover the repair costs, which will vary depending on the extent of damage to your tools.

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