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Atlas Fallen: How to Unlock Perks



Atlas Fallen: How to unlock Perks

Increasing the powers is super helpful in Atlas Fallen as players will be encountering several monsters at a time or giant monsters at a time that can be tricky to defeat. As long as players have powerful powers and master the skills of the Gauntlet, they will face no difficulties. One of the ways to increase the powers of the character permanently is by unlocking the Perks.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock the Perks in Atlas Fallen.

How to Unlock Perks in Atlas Fallen

Perks can be unlocked by upgrading your Armor in Atlas Fallen. By upgrading the Armor, there is a chance to get a Perk Token that can be used to either enhance a pre-unlocked Perk or unlock a new Perk. To do so, players will have to find or raise an Anvil. Anvils are found throughout the world map and every village or a civilized area will have an anvil inside it or nearby it. To find the Anvil, players need to look for a blue mist and use the Raise Skill by standing next to the blue mist to lift the Anvil. After that players need to interact with the Anvil to activate it which will bring out Nyaal. Interacting with the Anvil one more time will open the menu through which players can do various things including unlocking Perks.

Once players have obtained the Perk token, they need to select the Perks option in the menu. It will open the Perks menu which will allow players to spend the Perk Token they earned. At the start, players will only have access to the Herbalist Healing Perk which will allow players to restore a moderate amount of Idol’s Energy by picking up the plants. As players spend Perk Tokens in Herbalist Healing, they will unlock more Perks that can be obtained by spending Perk Tokens in them.

To get a few of Perks unlocked early in the game, players should visit the Castrum VII village and complete side quests to gain Essence Dust. Essence Dust will allow players to upgrade the armor which will give more Perk Tokens to the players.

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