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Atlas Fallen: Where to Find Idol of Shatter



Atlas Fallen: Idol of Shatter

Atlas Fallen is an Action RPG in which players will get to wear a Gauntlet with several powers. The complete power of the Gauntlet is based on multiple aspects, Essence Stones, Weapon Types, and Idols. Idol provides a healing effect to the players based upon which type of Idol is currently equipped. Players will start with Idol of Haste which significantly increases the restoration rate of the idol allowing players to use the idol more frequently to heal themselves. However, there are more idols to be found in the world and one of the idols that players can find early in the game is Idol of Shatter.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Idol of Shatter in Atlas Fallen.

Where to Find Idol of Shatter in Atlas Fallen

The Idol of Shatter can be found in the Chest located just outside of Castrum VII Village. If players travel toward the north side after meeting Arif NPC in the early game, they will reach the Castrum VII village. While going toward the Castrum VII village, players can find the chest along its entrance. Simply loot the chest to get the Idol of Shatter.

The Idol of Shatter will allow the Shatter Attacks to heal players for a significant amount of the damage that Shatter Attack dealt. Players can equip the Idol of Shatter by opening the Menu and selecting the Gauntlet Tab. Select the Idol menu in Gauntlet Tab to equip the Idol of Shatter.

It is greatly effective while facing a large number of monsters at a time. As players charge their momentum to activate the Shatter Attack, they will get healed without using the Idol. It increases survivability to some amount.

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