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Atlas Fallen: How to Get and Use Essence Stones



Atlas Fallen: How to Get and Use Essence Stone

Atlas Fallen is an Action RPG set in a fallen world with barren lands and ruins covered in Sand. Players will get to encounter various Wraith Monsters throughout their gameplay. To increase the chances of winning every fight, the players must get and use various Essence Stones. Essence Stones is one of the aspects of the Gauntlet that gives power to it. Equipping and using the Essence Stones will increase specific stats of the character as well as give certain abilities and skills depending upon the type of Essence Stone.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get and use Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen.

What are Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen

Essence Stones are one of the main aspects of the Gauntlet that increases the power of the Gauntlet and provides players with a certain boost in their abilities. There are 2 different types of Essence Stones distributed in 3 tiers.

  • Passive Essence Stones
  • Active Essence Stones

Passive Essence Stones are used to increase certain stat of the character whereas, the Active Essence Stone is an ability or skill itself. Passive Essence Stones are presented in a Square portrait and the Active Essence Stones are presented in a Diamond portrait. All Essence Stones have their own use and they are the following.

  • Red Essence Stones are for Damage Output
  • Yellow Essence Stones are for Defense
  • Green Essence Stones are for Healing Idol
  • Blue Essence Stones are for Momentum Bar
  • Purple Essence Stones are for Special Attacks

How to Get Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen

Essence Stones can be obtained by three different methods in Atlas Fallen.

  • Dropped by defeating wraith monsters.
  • Looted from chests.
  • Fused from Formulas

Upon defeating wraith monsters, there is a chance that the defeated monster dropped the Essence Stone. Players can interact with the dropped stone to get the Essence Stone. There are many chests spread across all four regions of the world map. Looting the chests will also give Essence Stones. Finally, the Essence Stones can be fused with the Formula. Players will find the Formulas from the chests and by gathering the required items for the formula, they will be able to fuse the Essence Stones.

How to use the Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen

To use the Essence Stones, players will have to equip the Essence Stones in their required tier and block. Players can equip them by opening the Essence Stones menu under the Gauntlet Tab in the main menu. Passive Essence Stones are equipped in square portrait and Active Essence Stones are equipped in diamond portrait. After equipping the Essence Stones, they will activate once the Momentum Bar increases to a certain level. There are 3 levels in the Momentum Bar and each bar will activate the respective tier of Essence Stone.

For the Active Essence Stone, players will be able to use it whenever the idol is charged enough. They are not bound to the Momentum Bar and are used as a separate skill or ability.

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