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Palia: How to Solve the Temple of the Waves Puzzle



Palia: How to Solve the Temple of the Waves Puzzle

The Temple of the Waves marks the initial temple puzzle that players encounter in Palia. Positioned behind the door of the Ancient Chamber, entry to the Temple of the Waves hinges upon solving the riddle found within the Ancient Chamber. Following this, players must also unlock the Glider to access the Temple of the Waves and confront its puzzle-solving challenge.

Should you seek a solution for unraveling the Temple of the Waves puzzle, you have arrived at the correct destination. This guide will comprehensively walk you through each essential step to successfully decode the puzzle and conquer Palia’s inaugural temple.

How to Solve the Temple of the Waves Puzzle in Palia

Progressing through the game and attaining the Glider is imperative to access the Temple of the Waves. Once the Glider is unlocked, a quest named “Echoes of the Unknown” will be assigned by Jina. Journey to the Ancient Chamber where you previously solved the riddle and engage in conversation with Jina, positioned near the gap. Jina will elucidate the significance of the glowing carving within the Temple. Your next course of action involves investigating this intricate carving. To effectively navigate the Temple of the Waves and surmount its puzzle, follow these successive steps:

  1. Step boldly off the edge, triggering your Glider with the Space Bar Key to span the gap and safely touch down within the temple.
  2. Proceed through the open left-sided door, then traverse through the subsequent door on the right.
  3. You’ll encounter a compact water fountain, though it remains sealed.
  4. Stand within the fountain’s center and execute a series of jumps upon it until it commences bubbling. This action will propel you upward as the fountain activates, allowing you to ascend.
  5. Skillfully deploy your Glider for a secure landing, thereafter progressing along the path toward the principal puzzle.
  6. The central puzzle assumes the form of a Sliding Puzzle. Utilize the W, A, S, and D keys to manipulate the blocks, ultimately configuring them to portray the image of a Fish.
  7. Executing the solution accurately triggers a brief cutscene, effectively concluding the Temple of the Waves puzzle.
Palia: How to Solve the Temple of the Waves Puzzle

Upon successfully deciphering the puzzle, your next objective is to return to Jina. Effortlessly leap from the temple’s edge and deploy the Glider to reach the opposite side. A conversation with Jina will mark the completion of the “Echoes of Unknown” quest.

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