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Palia: How to Do Hunting



Palia: How to do Hunting

Palia offers several activities for the players to partake in to unlock new items, crafters, furniture, and much more which will help them progress in the game. Activities play an important role in Palia and one of the activities that players can partake in is Hunting. Hunting will allow players to use a bow to hunt down Chapaa and Sernuk which will give players Meat, Hide, and Fur which are used in several crafting recipes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to do Hunting in Palia.

How to Do Hunting in Palia

To start with the Hunting Activity, players will be required of two items, Bow and Arrows. In the beginning, players will get a Makeshift Bow and Makeshift Arrows by talking to Hassian, the Leader of the Hunting Guild. After meeting with Hassian, it will start a short quest named Hunting 101 in which players will have to hunt 1 Chapaa or 1 Sernuk.

Chapaa can be found in Kimila Village as they are known for stealing items and causing chaos in the village. Players need to equip the Bow by holding down the R Button and then selecting the Bow from the Tool Wheel. When players see a Chapaa, they need to Hold Down the Right-Click Button to Aim and then shoot the arrow by Pressing the Left-Click Button. It will take 1 arrow to hunt Chapaa and it will drop Chapaa Fur as a resource on the ground.

Sernuk are found in more open areas and they can be found near Fisherman’s Lagoon area on the map. It would take 2 arrows to hunt down Sernuk and they will drop Meat along with Sernuk Hide.

Sernuk Hide is used in various recipes and one of them is Basic Smelter which will help players in building their house in Kimila Village.

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