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Palia: How to Unlock Smelter



Palia: How to Unlock Smelter

There are various Crafters in Palia that are used to refine materials. The refined Materials are used for advanced recipes that will help players craft new structures or items for their playthrough. One of the earliest crafters that players will get to unlock is Basic Smelter. Like most of the tools, the Crafters also have a level and the common level of Smelter is Basic Smelter.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Unlock Smelter in Palia.

How to Unlock Smelter in Palia

The smelter is unlocked at the Second Level of Mining Activity. Players will have to do mining in the Plot area or outside of Kimila Village by mining the rocks or mineral rocks. With each mine, players will gain experience which will increase the mining activity experience. By reaching the threshold of the first level, players will level up the Mining Activity and unlock the Basic Smelter recipe over at Hodari.

Hodari is the leader of the Mining Guild and players can find him in Kimila Village. Upon reaching level 2 in Mining Activity, Hodari will provide players with the Basic Smelter recipe for 100 Gold. Make sure to earn gold by selling unnecessary items to Zeki or in Shipping Bin. Once players have the required amount of Gold, they will be able to buy the recipe from Hodari and then craft it over at the Worktable.

How to Craft Basic Smelter

Upon getting the Basic Smelter Recipe from Hodari at Level 2 of Mining, players need to go to the Worktable and select the Crafters tab. Select the Basic Smelter recipe to craft which will require the following resources.

  • 40x Stone
  • 6x Flint
  • 3x Hide

Stone and Flint are obtained by mining the rocks with Pickaxe. Hide is obtained by hunting the animals with Bow.

After crafting the Basic Smelter, players need to place it down somewhere in the Plot Area. By interacting with the Basic Smelter, players will be able to turn stones into Bricks which helps players make their house in Kimila Village.

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