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Palia: How to Build a House



Palia: How to Build a House

Players will start with living in a Makeshift Tent at the start of the game but as they progress ahead in the game by completing the quests for NPCs, they would be able to build a house for themselves. Building a House in Palia is one of the main quests and it is given by the Mayor of the village himself.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Build a House in Palia.

How to Build a House in Palia

Building the House is tied to the “House, Sweet House” quest. Players will get to unlock this quest once they have talked to Kenli about the house. Kenli will promise to bring the Blueprints for the house to the plot and once Kenli arrives at the Plot, players need to talk to him to get the Blueprints. It will start the “House, Sweet House” quest and players will get the task to place the foundation of their house.

To place the foundation, players need to press the H Button to go into Overview Mode and the Blueprint of the house will be listed on the left side of the screen. It will be a Harvest House of 11×11 meters in size. Players need to select it and place it inside the unlocked area of the Plot. The Makeshift Tent would also be inside the plot so, it is best to remove it and store it in the chest to make space.

After placing down the Foundation of the House, players would be required of the following materials to build the house.

  • 100x Sapwood Planks
  • 35x Stone Bricks

The required materials can be seen on the Upgrade Board in front of the foundation of the house. Once players have all the required materials, they need to select the Contribute option by interacting with the Upgrade Board and it will take 8 Hours in total for the house to be built.

How to Get the Materials for House

The Sapwood Planks and Stone Bricks are refined materials and can only be obtained from respective crafters. Players will have to get Basic Sawmill to produce Sapwood Planks, and Basic Smelter to produce Stone Bricks.

Once players have obtained the crafters, they would be able to make 100 Sapwood Planks in Basic Sawmill with 100 Sapwood and each Sapwood will take 1 minute to convert into Sapwood Plank. For the Stone Bricks, players will require 70 Stones and each 2 stones will be converted into Stone Brick after every 2 minutes.

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