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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Cook Lioness Feast



Lioness Feast

Lioness Feast is one of the new recipes in the Disney Dreamlight Valley that players can cook by gathering the required ingredients. However, the recipe for this meal will be unavailable until the “Here and There and Back Again” quest. Players will have to progress through the quest by crafting three Lioness Statues and then preparing a meal for Nala.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook Lioness Feast in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ingredients Required for Lioness Feast

Once players have progressed ahead in the quest, they will be required to catch the “Here and There Fish”. After that, they will have to bring the Fish to Remy to learn the recipe for “Lioness Feast”. After learning the recipe, you will get to know that, you will be needing the following ingredients.

  • 1x Here and There Fish
  • 1x Tomato
  • 1x Oregano
  • 1x Mushroom

You will already have caught the Fish in the quest so, you will not have to catch it again. Tomato can be bought from Goofy’s Stall in the Dazzle Beach biome. Oregano can be harvested from the Plaza. Mushrooms can be harvested from the Glade of Trust biome.

Cooking Lioness Feast

Once you have all of the required ingredients, go to any Cooking Station and access it. You can drag and drop the ingredients into the Cooking Pot manually or you can also select the recipe from the Recipes List and then select the “Autofill” function. After adding the ingredients, you just have to select the “Start Cooking” option to cook the Lioness Feast.

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