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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Cook Tuna Burger



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Cook Tuna Burger

As players progress through the main quests of the characters of the valley, they will get to craft many unique items as well as cook new recipes for the characters. Some of the quests will require you to cook different sorts of meals for the characters as a quest objective. One of the meals that you will have to cook for Scar in one of Buzz Lightyear’s quests is Tuna Burger, a 5-Star Meal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to cook Tuna Burgers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Cooking Tuna Burger

Tuna Burger is one of the 5-Star Meals that can help you restore your energy very efficiently. Since it is a 5-Star Meal, it requires five different ingredients to cook. The ingredients that you need to add to the cooking pot to cook the Tuna Burger are the following.

  • 1x Tuna
  • 1x Onion
  • 1x Lemon
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Any Vegetable

Getting Ingredients

The main ingredient for the Tuna Burger is Tuna Fish which can only be found in the Glade of Trust or Forgotten Lands biomes. You need to look for the White Fishing Circles in the water and then cast the hook in the circle to catch the Tuna. Onion can only be obtained from Goofy’s Stall in the Forest of Valor. You will have to repair and upgrade his stall so he can start selling Onions. You can get an onion for 255 Star Coins or you can get the Onion seeds for 50 Star Coins. Lemon can be obtained from the Forest of Valor biome as well as from the Glade of Trust biome. Wheat can be obtained from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow and for the last ingredient, you can add any vegetable.

After getting all the ingredients, go to the cooking station and add all the required ingredients into the Cooking Pot and select the Start Cooking option to make Tuna Burger. Eating the Tuna Burger will restore 1,922 Energy in total and you can also sell it to Goofy for 491 Star Coins.

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