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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Farm Dreamlight



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Farm Dreamlight

Disney Dreamlight Valley has a main currency of Star Coins which are like Gold Coins. Players can use it to buy different crops, fruits, resources, and cosmetics from different stalls and shops in the Dreamlight Valley. However, there is also another currency that is more important than the Star Coins and it is called Dreamlight.

Dreamlight is used to open the new biomes in the Dreamlight Valley which costs Thousands of Dreamlight. Players will have to earn Dreamlight through quests to open the new biomes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to farm Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Ways to Earn Dreamlight

  • Quests
    • There are many different ways to earn Dreamlight Currency in the game and mostly it is earned by completing the main quest lines of the characters. However, it does take a lot of time to complete all the quests of a character because you have to level up their Friendship as well.
  • Normal Duties
    • The most basic way to earn Dreamlight is through the Duties in the Dreamlight tab in the main menu of the game. There are many different categories under the Dreamlight tab and completing the duties will give you a number of Dreamlight. Although the requirement of each Duty will go higher as you complete the duties which make it a bit slower process.
  • Craft Dreamlight with Dream Shards
    • You can also make the Dreamlight with the Dream Shards but Dream Shards are also required in different quests and they are very rare to find so, it is best to only store them in your inventory or your chests.

Best Way to Get Dreamlight

The best way to get Dreamlight is by completing the Dreamlight Duties under the Dreamlight Tab in the Main Menu of the game. A lot of players will complete the duties of other categories but the “Dreamlight Duties” category has small tasks and give more Dreamlight.

For example, “Have a daily Conversation”. For this, you have to talk to any character and have a conversation with them. Just skip the dialogues and you will complete the duty for which you will get “100 Dreamlight”.

There are 6 Dreamlight Duties that will be shown to you in the tab but when you complete one, a new duty will come in its place. So basically, you can just start completing these small duties and farm a decent amount of Dreamlight. You can earn Thousands of Dreamlight in just an hour.

As there is no other way to get Dreamlight in the game, players can use this technique to get enough Dreamlight in a few hours to unlock all the biomes in the Dreamlight Valley.

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