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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Critters



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Feed Critters

In Disney Dreamlight Valley there are a number of small animals that you’ll see running around in different areas of the valley. You can see those animals jumping and looking toward you making it seems like they want to talk to you and when you interact with them, you’ll open your inventory. But what exactly to feed them?

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to Feed Critters in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Feed Critters

You can see the rabbits and squirrels running around but if you notice closely, they won’t be in that area where there are a lot of Night Thorns. If you want them to appear more in the area, clear the area with Night Thorns by using the Magic and you’ll see them more often. If you see them near the place with Night Thorns around, you’ll notice that you’d not be able to interact with them. It is because of the Night Thorns that, it is very important for you to take the Night Thorns in the area to spawn more of the Critters so, you can feed them.

After clearing the Night Thorns in the area, you’ll be able to easily interact with them. Now, what to feed these critters? If you interact with the Rabbit, you’d need to give the Rabbit a Carrot. If you interact with the Squirrel, you’d need to give the Squirrel an Apple. If you feed them with the food that they like, they’ll become happy and they’ll drop you a Dreamlight Shard. It is also one of the methods to collect the shards.

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