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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Crystal



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Crystal

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in Early Access and this game version doesn’t have all the items or resources in it but the next major update for this game might have some new items and resources for it. One item that is in the game right now which is the strangest is Crystal because it can be used to craft furniture and structures but the resources that are needed with crystal are not yet in the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Crystal in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Crystal

Crystal is one of the End-Game materials and you can only find it in the Forgotten Lands biome. This Biome is the last biome in this Early Access game and it is also the most expensive one. To unlock the Forgotten Lands, you’ll need to remove the Giant Night Thorns with 15,000 Dreamlight Points. Not only that, you cannot access the Forgotten lands directly, you have to go through the Sunlit Plateau biome which is also unlocked with 7,000 Dreamlight Points. If you have unlocked Sunlit Plateau then you can unlock the Forgotten Lands biome with the required Dreamlight Points and then go inside the biome to find the Crystal.

The Crystal has a mixture of Blue and Purple colors so if you find any shiny item on the ground in these colors then it would be the Crystal. Crystal can also be mined from the Black-Colored rocks in this biome. The Black Colored Rocks are on the wall of the biome and to mine the rocks, you need to equip your pickaxe and smash the rocks. You’ll be able to collect Crystal and certain gems from these rocks in this biome.

Crystal is used for crafting Furniture and Structures for the decoration of your house. Mostly the other resources that are needed to craft the items are unavailable in the Early Access of this game.

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