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Grounded: How to Get Power Droplet Trinket



Grounded: How to Get Power Droplet Trinket

Grounded is a Survival Multiplayer game in which your character has been shrunk to a size of an Ant and to survive in this micro-world, you’d have to get different mutations and powers that will help you in your survival.

In this guide. We’ll tell you how you can get a Power Droplet Trinket in Grounded.

Getting Power Droplet Trinket

Power Droplet Trinket will give your character an unarmed Fury which will do a great amount of damage. You’ll be able to defeat the enemies with your bare hands while equipping this power. If you’ve got one of the mutations that give you more damage with your Ax, your Hammer, or your Spear, you’ll get that same Damage buff with unarmed. This Power Droplet Trinket is on one of the bricks at the back of the Compost Box. You can get this Power Droplet by going on to the Compost Box and then going down to the Broken Bricks and making your way to the Power Droplet.

To get to the Compost Box, you need to jump off of the power cord for the Javamatic then glide onto the Ivy and then climb the ivy. You’ll be on the Compost Box and then you need to go to the right side and look for the Watermark on the edge between the gaps in the Bricks. After finding the right gap, jump down to the brick and go to the right side. Jump down to the brick and this time go to the Left Side and then jump down to the brick. Go to the right side for the last time and you’ll find the Power Droplet at the edge of the brick.

Grounded: How to Get Power Droplet Trinket

After getting this power, you’ll be able to do a lot of damage with your bare hands which will also give you extra benefits over unarmed attacks. You can add a couple of mutations that deal great damage and you’ll be able to make a proper unarmed build.

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