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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get pumpkin seeds



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get pumpkin seeds

Farming is very valuable in Disney Dreamlight Valley because you get to plant different types of seeds in the garden and harvest crops and fruits. Crops and fruits are used to regenerate your energy or used in various recipes in cooking. One of the late-game seeds that you can get in the game is Pumpkin Seeds.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can get Pumpkin Seeds in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seed is a late-game item as you can only get it from a specific biome in the game after unlocking it with Dreamlight Points. You’ll need to unlock the Forgotten Lands biome which can only be unlocked from Sunlit Plateau so, you’ll have to unlock the Sunlit Plateau biome and then unlock the Forgotten Lands biome. Sunlit Plateau biome is unlocked with 7,000 Dreamlight Points and the Forgotten Lands biome is unlocked with 15,000 Dreamlight Points.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to get pumpkin seeds

You’d want to save your Dreamlight Points after unlocking the Sunlit Plateau for the Forgotten Lands and once you have enough Dreamlight, unlock the Forgotten Lands biome. Once you’ve gotten into the Forgotten Lands biome, you’ll need to upgrade Goofy’s Stall in the area. The first thing on the stall that Goofy will sell is Pumpkin Seeds and Potatoes. Both of these crops are used in various recipes and you’ll be needing them for cooking different recipes for the quests as well.

Pumpkin Seed is more expensive than almost all of the other crop seeds. 1 Pumpkin Seed will cost you 275 Star Coins but the good thing is that it sells for 600 Star Coins once the Pumpkin is grown. You can easily make a lot of Star Coins by starting a farm of Pumpkins. Just plant the Pumpkin Seeds and when they all are grown, sell them for profit.

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