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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Rosy Cloud Turtle

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s new update 9, Laugh Floor update brings a ton of new cosmetics, items, decorative items, quests, and characters. The Laugh Floor update also includes a new Star path, a seasonal pass through which players can earn several rewards. One of the most unique rewards in the new Lovely Monsters Star Path is a Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Get Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion was revealed in the Lovely Monsters Star Path announcement. Meaning, it can only be obtained from progressing in the new Star Path. The Lovely Monsters Star Path contains several rewards divided among 7 tiers which can be redeemed using the Event Currency. Fortunately, the very first tier of the Star Path includes the Rosy Cloud turtle Companion reward which can be redeemed for 50 Event Currency.

The Event Currency has a logo of a Laugh Canister and players will be able to earn this currency by completing the daily duties of the Star Path. There are 3 daily duties that players can complete per day with the Regular Star Path, and completing each duty will reward players with 5 event currency. However, the players who have the Premium Star Path will have access to 6 daily duties allowing them to farm the event currency quickly.

Upon earning the event currency of the Star Path, go into the Star Path menu and select the ‘Rewards’ tab to redeem the Rosy Cloud Turtle Companion. Since Rosy Cloud Turtle is in fact a turtle, players will be able to feed it its favorite food which is Seaweed.

Now, keep in mind that like many exclusive previous companions who were a part of the Star Paths, Rosy Cloud Turtle is also time-limited and players will only be able to redeem it until the Star Path’s ending time which is 45 days at the time of writing this guide.

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