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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Have Your People Talk to My People Quest



Disney Dreamlight Valley - Have Your People Talk to My People

The “Have Your People Talk to My People” is the final Friendship Quest for Mike Wazowski that players will get to complete once they have completed A Comedic Proposition quest and reached Friendship Level 10 with Mike.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Have Your People Talk to My People quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Complete Have Your People Talk to My People Quest

Upon reaching Friendship Level 10 with Mike, go and speak to Mike and select the quest option to start the quest. Mike is almost ready for the comedy night but there are some preparations left to be done. After speaking to Mike, you will get the objective to talk to Vanellope. Open the map to find Vanellope and then go and speak with her to convince her to perform.

Make a Cheesecake for Vanellope

Once you have spoken to Vanellope, she will tell you to get her a manager and a delicious Cheesecake. Go and speak with Scrooge McDuck to get the recipe for Cheesecake. Now, make your way to any Cooking Station and make the Cheesecake using the following ingredients.

  • 1x Cheese
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Sugarcane
  • 1x Any fruit

After making the Cheesecake, return to Vanellope to give her the Cheesecake. Now, go and speak with Mike to share the bad news. Talk to Mike again after breaking the bad news with him. Once you have spoken to Mike, find Sulley and Scrooge to listen to their managerial conversation.

Paste Mike’s Face on Vanellope’s Promotional Posters

Upon listening to their conversation, speak with Mike about the brewing comic feud. After speaking with Mike, you will get the objective to paste Mike’s face on Vanellope’s promotional posters scattered around the Valley. You need to find the posters and interact with them to paste Mike’s face on them.

  • The Plaza: Located in front of the central Wishing Well.
  • Peaceful Meadow: Located in front of the Goofy’s House.
  • Dazzle Beach: Located at the start of the staircase leading to Peaceful Meadow.
  • Forest of Valor: Located on the south side of the Forest of Valor biome.

Once you have pasted Mike’s Face on all of Vanellope’s promotional posters, meet with Mike at his house to discuss the comedic feud. Remove the Rubber Chickens in Mike’s House by interacting with them. Now, speak with Mike again and he will tell you to get the camera from Sulley. Go and speak with Sulley to get the camera and then bring it to Mike so he can place it for the comedy show.

Watch the Comedy Show

After giving the camera to Mike, enter Mike’s house to watch the comedy show. As the comedy show is in progress, interact with the camera to capture a moment and then pick up the bag that contains the movie still. Now, open the bag from your inventory to get the movie still.

After getting the movie still, go out of Mike’s House and go into the build mode by selecting the ‘Furniture’ tab. Select Mike’s icon under the Requests section to find the billboard and then place it near Mike’s House. Once you have placed the billboard, speak with Mike to conclude the quest.


Completing the Have Your People Talk to My People quest will give the following rewards to players.

  • Monstrous Mini Dress

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