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Palia: How to Travel to Bahari Bay Directly From Your Housing Plot



Palia - Travel to Bahari Bay directly from your Housing Plot

Palia’s latest patch 0.177 brings various décor sets and items, quality-of-life changes, and mainly bug fixes. As the players have been requesting a fix on several bugs, this patch fixed over 250 bugs related to various aspects of the game. Additionally, there are some additions to the Palian World and one of the most useful ones is a shortcut to Bahari Bay directly from your Housing Plot.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to travel to Bahari Bay directly from your Housing Plot in Palia.

How to Travel to Bahari Bay From Your Housing Plot in Palia

Traveling to Bahari Bay, the second region of the Palian World has now been made easier and free of cost in the latest patch (0.177) of Palia. To travel to Bahari Bay from your Housing Plot, you need to access the newly altered mine entrance at the back of your Housing Plot area and you will come out of the western side of Bahari Bay.

You can reach the mine entrance by going to the back of your housing area and following a small hill which will lead to the mine entrance. Entering the mine will initiate the loading screen and after the loading screen, you will come out of the new mine located close to The Outskirts area of Bahari Bay.

This new mine was recognized by some of the players in the previous patch but it wasn’t accessible back then. Now, it is live and players will be able to use these mines to freely travel to Bahari Bay and Housing Plot without any cost.

As Bahari Bay is one of the main map zones in Palia and holds various crucial items, materials, fish, characters, and quests, traveling there will be easier for all of the players with this new quality-of-life addition.

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