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Palia: How to Get Flotsam Décor Set



Palia - Flotsam Decor Set

Flotsam Décor Set is one of the new décor sets that has been added to Palia in the 0.177 patch. As the name suggests, these décor set items are inspired by the wreckage of the ship. With this new décor set, you will be able to style your housing plot with a nautical theme.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Flotsam Décor set in Palia.

How to Get Flotsam Décor Set in Palia

The Flotsam Décor Set includes 11 items in total and all of them can be obtained by newly added Rummage Piles over in Bahari Bay map zone. Similar to the Rummage Piles over in Kilima Valley, the latest patch of Palia has Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay. The Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay are presented by ship debris pieces, unlike the sand patches in Kilima Valley.

However, the method to scavenge the Rummage Piles in Bahari Bay is identical to the piles in Kilima Valley, You will only be able to loot one Rummage Pile once per day and each one will have a chance of dropping a décor item from Flotsam Décor Set, items/materials, and quest items.

All the items included in the Flotsam Décor Set are the following.

  • Flotsam Large Candle
  • Flotsam Small Candle
  • Flotsam Sand Art
  • Flotsam Driftwood Decor
  • Flotsam Towel Rack
  • Flotsam Bookshelf
  • Flotsam Porthole Frame
  • Flotsam Hanging Mobile
  • Flotsam Scallop
  • Flotsam Conch
  • Flotsam Glass Buoy

Keep in mind that the drop rate for décor items from Rummage Piles is not always guaranteed and as you can only loot one Rummage Pile per real-life day, it will take you a while to collect all of the Flotsam Décor items.

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