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Disney Dreamlight Valley – How to Get the Magical Recyclers



Magical Recyclers

Disney Dreamlight Valley has put out some new challenges for the community that will be live from April 13, 2023 to May 31, 2023. There are 5 different challenges that Disney Dreamlight Valley Channel shared on Twitter and all players around the world can participate in those challenges to get cool rewards. However, one of the challenges is to place trashcans. You can complete that challenge either by placing Rusted Trashcan or a new item named “Magical Recyclers”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get the Magical Recyclers in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting Magical Recyclers

The Magical Recyclers is totally a new item added to the game a couple of days ago. The main purpose of this item is to complete the “Trashcans” challenge. In order to get the Magical Recyclers, players will have to claim it from the IN-Game Redemption Method. The code for this item is “DREAMLIGHTPARK” and once you have entered the code, hit the “Claim” option to get the item.

Magical Recylers Code

Once the item is claimed, it will be sent to your Mail. Open the Mail either by going into the News or by interacting with the Mailbox outside of your house. Open the first message and you will see the “Magical Recyclers” in your mail. Claim the item and it will be stored in your Furniture.

Make sure to be stay connected to the Online Services throughout the process in order to successfully claim the Magical Recyclers. Once you have claimed the item just place it anywhere in the Valley and it will be counted as a contribute to the challenge. The challenge is to place 350K Trashcans which will be counted as a whole for all of the players of Disney Dreamlight Valley in the world. Once the challenge is completed, all of the players who have contributed in the challenge will unlock an Achievement named “Cleanest Park”.

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