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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Toy Train



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Get Toy Train

After unlocking Ariel and successfully repairing the broken machine, you’ll be given a quest named “A Friendly Exchange” by Wall-E in which you have to reunite Ariel and Wall-E and help them become friends again. You’ll have to get different items for Wall-E in this quest and one of the items that you need to get is a Toy Train.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Toy Train in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Getting the Toy Train

After talking to Wall-E, he’ll tell you to get some items that he will exchange with her that will help them in restoring their friendship. After finding the Memory, Wall-E will tell you to find three items that will include a Toy Train. Toy Train is not be found anywhere in the Valley nor crafted on the Crafted Station because there is no Recipe for it.

Getting the Toy Train

Since the Toy Train is a quest item and it can only be limited to this quest, Wall-E will give you a hint of the items. If you talk to Wall-E and ask him about the things, he’ll tell you that maybe Mickey Mouse or Scrooge McDuck has the Toy Train. Go to Mickey’s House or Scrooge McDuck’s shop. The Toy Train will be placed in the house or in the shop and it’ll be shining the same as the Light Bulb item in Wall-E’s house. Pick up the Shining Item from Mickey’s house if you find it there otherwise, it’ll be in Scrooge’s shop. After finding the Toy Train, show the item to Wall-E.

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