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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Cherry pie



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Cherry pie

Players can make all kinds of food in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Players can make different types of Appetizers, Entrées, and Deserts. All of these recipes are of different Stars and they require different ingredients. One of the Desserts that players can cook in the game is Cherry Pie.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can make Cherry Pie in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Cherry Pie

Cheesecake is a 3-Star Dessert that greatly restores your energy on consuming and it requires 3 different ingredients to cook. The ingredients that you need to get for this recipe are the following.

  • 1x Cherry
  • 1x Wheat
  • 1x Butter

Cherry can be obtained from Cherry Trees in the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Heights. Both of these are late-game biomes so players will have to progress through the main questlines and grind enough Dreamlight to unlock the biomes. However, the Sunlit Plateau biome is cheaper so players can get Cherry from Sunlit Plateau. Players will get 3x Cheery from 1 Cherry Tree and there are several Trees in the Sunlit Plateau biome.

Wheat is the earliest crop that you will get to plant in the game and it can be obtained from Goofy’s Stall in the Peaceful Meadow. You can buy Wheat Seed for only 1 Star Coin. It will take a few moments to fully grow.

Butter can be bought from Chez Remy Pantry and it will cost 190 Star Coins.

After gathering all of the ingredients, go to the cooking station and add all of the required ingredients one by one into the cooking pot and select the Start Cooking option to make Cherry Pie.

Eating the Cherry Pie will restore 1,161 Energy which is a decent amount for a 3-Star meal. You can also give this dish to other characters to increase their Friendship level or you can sell it to Goofy for 332 Star Coins.

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