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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies

In the new Holiday update of Disney Dreamlight Valley, there are new cooking recipes added to the game that players can cook in the game and regenerate their energy while eating the delicious new recipes of the Holidays. One of the new Holiday recipes in the game is Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies which was also shown in the picture from Disney Dreamlight Valley’s tweet for the update.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Making Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies

Minnie’s Ginger Bread is a 2-Star Meal that is very easy to make because it only requires two ingredients to cook it. The ingredients that you are going to need are the following.

  • Wheat
  • Ginger

The main ingredient of Gingerbread Cookies is Ginger which will be hard for some people who did not have unlocked a specific biome from where it can be obtained. Ginger can only be gathered from the Forgotten Lands biome which requires 15,000 Dreamlight. Not only that, the Forgotten Lands biome is only accessible through the Sunlit Plateau biome which requires 7,000 Dreamlight so, it would cost a total of 22,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Forgotten Lands.

The players who are playing from the early access would already have unlocked all of the biomes and they can easily get it by going into the biomes and harvesting it from the ground. The new players will have to grind a little in the game by completing quests and Dreamlight Duties to get Dreamlight and then unlock the biomes.

Wheat is very easy to get as its seeds can be bought from Goofy Stall in the Peaceful Meadows you just need to plant the seed and water it, and then wait for a few moments to harvest it.

Once you have all the ingredients, go to any Cooking Station and add Wheat and Ginger in the Cooking Pot. Then Click on Start Cooking which will consume 1 Coal and the Minnie’s Gingerbread Cookies will be prepared. It is a very easy recipe and you can also gift it to other characters to increase Friendship level quickly.

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