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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Tree Stumps



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Tree Stumps

There are a lot of objects in the environment that you can remove from your path but you’d get confused to do so because you’d have to progress in the game to remove them. One of the objects in the environment that you can remove is the Tree Stumps. You’ll see a lot of Tree Stumps in all most all of the areas of Dreamlight Valley.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to remove Tree Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Removing Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps can be found in all of the areas but you’d not get any option to remove them from your way which is very confusing. You can find Tree Stumps even in the starting areas of the game but you cannot remove them until you’ve upgraded your Shovel. Tree Stumps can be removed by shovel once you’ve upgraded it.

In order to Upgrade your Magical Shovel, you’ll have to unlock at least the Forest of Valor area for 3,000 Dreamlight and unlock the Frozen Realm in the Dream Castle for 4,000 Dreamlight. Unlocking both of the areas will cost you 7,000 Dreamlight. On unlocking the Frozen Realm, you’ll unlock a new character named Anna and she’ll be the one who will teach you how to upgrade your Shovel. After Anna has moved to the village, she’ll give you a quest named “An Icy Invitation” in which she’ll tell you how to upgrade your Shovel so you can remove the Tree Stumps from the Bridge so she can cross to the other side of the Forest.

Play along with the early objectives of the quest in which you have to find a book from Anna’s house and then she’ll tell you to gather the following resources.

  • 10x Softwood
  • 4x Hardwood
  • 4x Iron Ingot
  • 3x Tinkering Parts

Softwoods can be found in the Plaza and Peaceful Meadows. Hardwoods can be found in the Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust but if you only have unlocked the Forest of Valor, you’ll be able to collect all of the items. Iron Ingots are needed to be crafted with Iron Ores and you can get Iron Ores from the Black-Colored Rocks found in the Forest of Valor. Smash the rocks to get the iron ore and then use the crafting station to craft the Iron Ingot. For 4x Iron Ingots, you’ll be needing 20 Iron Ores and 4 Coal Ores.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Tree Stumps

Tinkering Parts also need to be crafted and they are crafted with Iron Ingots. For 3x Tinkering Parts, you’ll be needing 2 Iron Ingots. So, make sure to craft a total of 6x Iron Ingot so you’d be able to craft Tinkering Parts as well along with 4x Iron Ingots for upgrading the Shovel. After you’ve got all of the items, you’ll have to craft the Shovel Blade. Shovel Blade will be under the Potion & Enchantment category and you’d need all of the items you have gathered.

After crafting the Shovel Blade, you’ll need to open your inventory then click on the Shovel Blade and then click on the USE option to equip the Shovel. The upgraded Shovel will be replaced with your old shovel and now, you’d be able to remove all of the Tree Stumps in Dreamlight Valley. Removing Tree Stumps will drop extra softwoods and hardwoods for you. The mechanics of using the shovel will remain the same, you just have to look toward the tree stump and then press the action button to remove it.

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