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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to save Wall-E in The Shy Little Robot Quest – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to save Wall-E in The Shy Little Robot Quest – Walkthrough

After opening the Castle Dream with Dreamlight, you’ll get the objective to go to Wall-E Realm. Once you enter the door of the Wall-E Realm, you’ll get to the Wall-E robot whose wheels are not working and after talking to him, you’ll get a quest named “The Shy Little Robot”.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete The Shy Little Robot quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Shy Little Robot

The first objective of the quest will be to find something to repair Wall-E. You’ll need to search the Wall-E Realm with the shovel on the marked shining spots. After digging the holes, you’ll find a handle for the Broken Fridge. There are two fridges in the Realm and the fridge in the middle of the scraps has already a handle door, so you’d not to open that with this handle. However, if you go towards the left side and in the end, there’ll be another fridge, which is missing the door handle. Interact with the fridge and the fridge will open and you’ll find the new wheel gear of Wall-E.

Wall-E will give you another objective in which you’ll have to clear all the Trash Piles in the Realm. Gather all of the Trash by removing the trash piles and once you have all 60x Trash, Wall-E will give you another objective to craft Trash Cubes by using the Crafting Station. There’ll be a crafting station on the left. Use the station and go into the Function Items and select Trash Cubes. 1 Trash Cube will cost 10 Trash and you’ll need to make 6 of them. Craft 6 Trash Cubes and give them to Wall-E.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to save Wall-E in The Shy Little Robot Quest – Walkthrough

Wall-E will give you a new objective in which he’ll ask you to plant the Special seeds in the Realm. You’ll need to plant 8 seeds in the realm. You can find seeds in the fridges as well and by digging holes as well. After getting the seeds, dig 8 holes and plant the seeds. After that, water all of the seeds and wait a few moments and the seeds will grow into plants. Talk to Wall-E and then we’ll get the objective in which we have to talk to Merlin for help with Wall-E. Go back to Dream Castle and go to Scrooge’s shop. Talk to Merlin and then you’ll also need to talk to Scrooge. While talking to Scrooge, select the “Fire Extinguisher” and he’ll tell you to collect 2 Garnets. Find the Black-Colored Rocks with red gems and smash them with a Pickaxe to collect the Garnets.

After Collecting the Garnets, come back to Scrooge and give him the Garnets and he’ll give you the Fire Extinguisher. Now, you’ll need to talk to Goofy and Mickey. You can find Mickey inside his home and Goofy in the Meadows near the ponds. Talk to both of them and you’ll need to get the Ball from Mickey’s house and Sprout Boot from the ponds. You can find the Ball behind the sofas on the left side in Mickey’s house. Go and grab the ball and then go to the ponds. You’ll need to find the golden circle in the pond to get the Sprout Boot. Look at the ponds and when you find it, you’ll need to equip the Fishing Rod and then cast it inside the golden circle. You’ll get the Sprout Boot from the pond as well. Now, go back to Wall-E Realm and give him the items. Now, you’ll need to put Wall-E’s house inside the village. Put his house anywhere in the village and obviously, you’ll have to clear some space where you’d put the house. After placing the house in the village, you’ll need to interact with Scrooge’s sign in front of Wall-E’s house. It’ll cost 2000 coins to build Wall-E’s house. Spend the coins to make the house and lastly, you’ll have to talk to Wall-E about what he thinks about it and you’ll complete the quest.

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