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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve the Skull Rock Puzzle



Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Solve the Skull Rock Puzzle

Disney Dreamlight Valley is an immersive Farming Adventure Simulation game that offers a wide range of activities, including engaging puzzles. While the main storyline focuses on uncovering the Forgetting incident in the Valley, players can also participate in various activities and unlock additional characters and villagers to enrich their experience. Puzzles play a vital role in the game, providing hidden items, characters, and even significant story events. One intriguing puzzle that players can choose to solve is the Skull Rock Puzzle. Located on Skull Rock Island within the Dazzle Beach biome, this puzzle revolves around a fascinating skull-shaped rock.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to solve the Skull Rock Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Solve the Skull Rock Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Skull Rock looks like some sort of a cave entrance but it remains closed throughout the main story of the game and it is not interactable. However, if you have completed the main story of the game which finishes the 1st Act of the story, players will be able to obtain the Orb of Unity and place it on the Pillar of Unity which is in the middle of the Skull Rock Island. By placing the Orb of Unity in the pillar, seven different symbols will appear on the island.

By noticing the symbols, they look exactly the same as the symbols on the Orbs. Each Orb has a specific symbol on it and the hint to solve this puzzle is to place the Pillars from all over the Valley on Skull Rock Island. However, all the pillars should be placed on top of their exact symbol in order to complete the puzzle. Now, in order to place the pillars, go to Build Mode by accessing the Furniture Tab in the menu and then pick up the pillars from different biomes one by one and place them on the island.

  • Pillar of Friendship – Peaceful Meadow
  • Pillar of Power – Dazzle Beach
  • Pillar of Trust – Glade of Trust
  • Pillar of Courage – Forest of Valor
  • Pillar of Nurturing – Sunlit Plateau
  • Pillar of Love – Frosted Heights
  • Pillar of Remembrance – Forgotten Lands

Make sure to clear out the plants and bushes on Skull Rock Island to see all of the symbols clearly. After that, start placing the pillars by matching the orb symbol with the symbol on the island. The correct order of the pillars can be seen in the image down below.

How to Solve the Skull Rock Puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After placing all of the pillars correctly, a cutscene will start in which the Skull Rock will shake a little bit but nothing happens more. It might be a little teaser of the upcoming events in the future updates so, we will get to uncover them as the new updates come around.

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