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Disney Dreamlight Valley – Stars to Guide Us Quest – Walkthrough



Stars to Guide Us

Once players have unlocked the Lion King Realm and completed the first quest of “Nala”, they will unlock the first quest of “Simba”. The first quest of Simba is “Stars to Guide Us” in which you will have to help Simba in the Lion King Realm and bring him to the Village as well.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Stars to Guide Us quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Stars to Guide Us – Quest

As the quest starts, you need to go to the Lion King Realm and talk to Simba. Follow him into the Jungle and talk to him. After that, go back to the Valley and talk to Merlin. He will tell you to craft Rafiki’s Walking Stick. You need to gather the following materials to craft Rafiki’s Walking Stick.

  • 5x Softwood
  • 5x Fiber
  • 2x Purified Night Shard

Once you have the materials, go to the crafting station to make Rafiki’s Walking Stick. Now, go back to the Lion King Realm and show him the stick. After talking to Simba, place Rafiki’s Walking Stick on the Stone Mound. Watch the cutscene and follow Simba to the Dried-Out Oasis and talk to him. He will tell you to gather the following seeds.

  • 3x Jungle Fern Seed
  • 3x Waterfall Plant Seed
  • 3x Clearing Tree Seed

All of these seeds can be obtained from the Jungle in the Lion King Realm. You need to use your Royal Shovel on the Shiny Plants in the Jungle to gather the seeds. Once you have all the required seeds, go back to the dried-out oasis. Talk to Simba and then plant the seeds in the dried-out oasis. After planting the seeds, talk to Simba and then use your Royal Pickaxe to break the Stone to free the water source.

Grow Plants

It will grow all of the plants and then talk to Simba. Now, go back to the Dreamlight Valley and Simba will come to the Village. Welcome Simba and then talk to him to conclude the quest.

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