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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Ancient Doorway (Quest) – Walkthrough



Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Ancient Doorway (Quest) – Walkthrough

After reaching Friendship Level 10 with Ariel, you’ll be given a quest named “The Ancient Doorway” which is the final quest of Ariel in which you have to find the hidden Mystical Crystal in the Mystical Cave.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Ancient Doorway quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Ancient Doorway

At the start of the quest, Ariel will give you a Stone Slab, and to know more about the slab, you need to go and talk with Merlin. Talk to Merlin and he’ll tell you that slab requires different emotions to work. After talking to Merlin, head back to Ariel and give her the slab and she’ll imbue it with Joy. Then find Remy and ask him about his passion for cooking and he will imbue the slab with passion. After that, find Moana and ask her about the excitement to imbue excitement emotion on the slab. In the last, find Ursula and talk to her about her anger issues to imbue anger emotions on the slab.

After getting all four emotions on the slab, go inside the Mystical Cave and go to the bottom floor. On the right side of the torches, you’ll see the spot for the Stone Slab. Interact with it to insert the stone slab and reveal the Mystical Crystal. Pick up the Mystical Crystal and go talk to Ariel. Then you need to go to Ariel’s House and give Ariel the Mystical Crystal to conclude the quest.

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