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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley – Quest Walkthrough



The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley

The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley is the third Friendship Quest for Belle that players will get to unlock once they have reached Friendship Level 7 with Belle.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley quest for Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley – Walkthrough

Once players have finished the Breaking the Code quest and leveled up their Friendship Level to Level 7 with Belle, they will unlock the Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley quest. Players need to talk to Belle and select the quest option to start the quest.

Examine the page from the Journal

By starting the quest, Belle will tell you about the pages that you collected and she will ask you to look at the page from the journal. Open the inventory and select the page to use it to view a memory. After that, talk to Belle about the memory.

Find the Lost Object by fishing at the Spot pictured in the Memory

The location in the memory will be the Glade of Trust. You need to go to the Glade of Trust biome and look for a Golden Fishing Circle near the waterfall. Upon finding the golden fishing circle, equip the fishing rod and fish out the lost object. You will fish out a Fishing Hat which you need to inspect from the inventory to unveil another memory.

Find the Board from the Memory

Inspecting the Fishing Hat will reveal a Board. You can find the Board in Mickey’s Secret Room inside the Dream Castle. The secret room is on the ground floor on the right side as you enter the Dream Castle. Go inside the room and interact with the board to find notes from the Board.

Examine the Notes

Examine the Notes from your inventory to see the final piece of the memory where Belle is sitting in her office. After viewing the memory, go to Belle and talk to her. She will remember that she was the best mystery solver in the Dreamlight Valley.

Get the Furniture for Belle’s Office

You need to help Belle to set up her office again and for that, you need to get the following furniture items.

  • Elegant Armchair
  • Writing Desk

To get the Elegant Armchair, you will have to go to Scrooge McDuck and order it from him. Follow the following steps to order the Elegant Armchair.

  • Talk to Scrooge and select the “I’d like to order some items” option.
  • Select the “Furniture” category.
  • Select the Requests Tab and then select the Elegant Armchair to order it.

It will cost 900 Star Coins to order the Elegant Armchair. For the Writing Desk, you need to go to the Beast and talk to him. He will give you the Writing Desk as soon as he hears that it is for Belle.

Bring the Furniture to Belle

After getting all the Furniture Items, go to Belle and give her the furniture items. Make sure that both of the furniture items are in your inventory otherwise, you will not get the option to give her the items.

Take a Selfie with Belle in her Office

Now, go to Beast’s Castle and take a selfie with Belle in her office. After taking a selfie, you need to talk to Belle to conclude the quest.


Completing the Best Mystery Solver in Dreamlight Valley quest will reward players with 2020 Friendship Points with Belle.

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